Using Outlook? Learn how to save time and be more efficient in Outlook plus other Microsoft Updates in our latest #tech webinar – watch now!

David Benaim, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI accounting association Microsoft Expert, shares Hidden Outlook tricks

Watch MGI Worldwide with CPAAI’s most recent tech webinar by our resident Microsoft expert, David Benaim.

In this webinar, David does a deep dive into Outlook highlighting some of the untapped features that could redefine the way you do email. David combines the theory behind every productivity guru’s favourite approach to email “Inbox zero” with the latest Outlook features which can make this and other email strategies easy and simple to maintain.

David explains: “The inbox zero strategy that I showcase [in this webinar] I have used for 5 years and never looked back. It could save you 10-15% of your daily work time on email. But if you don’t start at zero it will feel like a constant struggle.”

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Which Outlook do you use?

David’s webinar covers Outlook for Windows. “Outlook for Mac is behind in functionality but has a newly released version, and is being innovated. Outlook Online isn’t quite the same. I find Desktop faster to work on and has more functionality, but interestingly Outlook Online has features not on Desktop.”

Here is a list on how features compare:

  1. The “search folder” feature doesn’t exist on Outlook online or Outlook mobile, there are however workarounds:
    1. To show all flagged messages in a folder, you can click the filter and choose “flagged”
    2. To show all flagged messages in all folders, you can search from the inbox and type this in the search box: isflagged:yes
  2. Search: You cannot add the ability to search by attachment contains, but you can type into the keywords part “attachment:pptx” for PowerPoint etc.
  3. These features do not currently exist in Outlook online: Resend this message, Inline replies personal stationery, Find related> Messages from this conversation
  4. Translate in Outlook Online is available by clicking 3 dots on the email top right
  5. Focused/other inbox & desktop notifications can be turned on/off from the settings (click cog on top right)
  6. If you want the one click “Archive” action, you can turn this on within the settings too
  7. Junk email options are more advanced, you can mark an email as “Phishing” as well as junk and you have a further option called Sweep
  8. These features are available in Outlook online but not Desktop: Likesnoozing emailsSuggested replies & text predictions.

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