01 Apr 2024

Valarezo & Asociados based in Ecuador seeks opportunities for collaboration

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Having recently transitioned to the network, Valarezo & Asociados of Guayaquil, Ecuador, is eager to make the most of its membership, seeking opportunities for collaboration, and making strong use of the MGI Worldwide brand to extend its regional and global reach.

Why move to the network?

"Collaboration and interaction with an international reach is at the heart of our decision to move to the network. We are looking to increase our firm’s prestige through adopting this strong brand which then allows us to compete with the major firms. We believe that MGI Worldwide provides the perfect platform for this”.
Douglas Valarezo, Partner

This move marks a significant step in the history of Valarezo & Asociados, reinforcing its commitment to excellence, client satisfaction and international growth. The firm looks forward to contributing to the success of the network and leveraging the resources and expertise within MGI Worldwide to enhance its capabilities and serve its clients on a global scale.

The firm has maximised the use of MGI Worldwide branding throughout its offices:

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About Valarezo & Asociados

Valarezo & Asociados has been in business since 2001. With a highly trained team, comprised of partners, managers, seniors and assistants working across the firm’s different services, the firm has enjoyed sustained success and strong brand recognition in the local market. Today, with the strategic objective of being recognised as an international firm, Valarezo & Asociados intends to leverage its network membership to attract new business and compete with the major players in the industry.

The firm has a diversified portfolio, serving clients in the industrial, agricultural, banana, aquaculture, commercial, financial, securities and insurance sectors.

Audit qualified

In Ecuador, audit firms require a number of different credentials, depending on which type of entity they are working for. In the case of Valarezo & Asociados, the firm is proud to hold all available credentials - only attributed to firms that are recognised in the field and setting them apart from many of their competitors.

Whilst external audits make up 80% of business, the firm is proactively expanding its consulting services.

Client focussed

The firm’s client-centric approach prioritises a personal service, with time invested in understanding requirements, fostering long-term relationships, and actively supporting clients in achieving their goals.

About Ecuador

Map Ecuador.png

Located on the northwest coast of South America, Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in the region with four well-defined regions, Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos. Its climate, together with its fertile soil, makes it suitable for agricultural production, particularly coffee, bananas, sugar cane, cocoa, rice, fruit and timber. The fishing and shrimp industries are highly developed and natural gas and petroleum can be found.

The port of Guayaquil is the country’s most highly populated city. This makes it one of the two main business hubs in Ecuador, along with Quito, the capital. It is the main economic, cultural and financial resource center of Ecuador and stands out for its high mass transit use, and for its overall density and diversity of population. The city's port is one of the most important on the eastern Pacific coast. Seventy percent of the country's private exports leave through its facilities, while 83% of imports enter.


When it comes to investment opportunities, the country has a vast potential, making it very attractive; its aquaculture, agricultural, oil and mineral sectors, its relatively low cost of labor and transportation, and its geographical location makes it an ideal center to serve the Andean market.

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For further information please contact the firm via its profile page or website.


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