25 Oct 2021

With a mission to deliver ethical, transparent, and socially aware solutions to their clients, we welcome Mexico-based firm Alberto Rocabert y Compañía to the MGI Worldwide network

Former CPAAI member firm, Alberto Rocabert y Compañía moves to the MGI Worldwide network

A big MGI Worldwide welcome to Alberto Rocabert y Compañía of Cancún, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico as they transition from CPAAI to the MGI Worldwide global accounting network. With an aim to always provide ethical, transparent, and socially aware solutions to its clients, the firm will be the second CPAAI member in Mexico to make the move to the network, following the joining of Despacho Zesati earlier in the year.

About the firm

Founded in January 1996, Alberto Rocabert y Compañía has offices in Cancún and Playa del Carmen in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.  The firm initially joined CPAAI following an invite to the CPAAI Latin American meeting in November 1997, and throughout its long membership has participated fully in the life of the association.

Finding membership to be extremely beneficial, it is with great confidence that Alberto Rocabert y Compañía has decided to transition to MGI Worldwide, following the merger with CPAAI last year.


What makes Alberto Rocabert y Compañía different?

The firm’s purpose is to give clients the security and confidence that they are in good hands – that Alberto Rocabert y Compañía can offer the best tools and help them to make the right decisions at a corporate and financial level.  In a market where these are often not a priority, Alberto Rocabert y Compañía aims to offer ethical and transparent solutions to its clients.

The firm also understands that going digital with a cloud-based service is needed to grow as a firm and best serve its clients.

With key values based around integrity, commitment, teamwork and innovation, Alberto Rocabert y Compañía is not only a public accountancy firm, but offers its clients a full range of services all under one roof, in the following three main business areas:

  • Certified Public Accountants and corporate lawyers.
  • Human capital: training, talent retention, outsourcing.
  • Financial services.

Alberto Rocabert y Compañía is keen to be a recognised leader in its field.  It is the firm’s mission to offer solutions to its clients that are not only 100% ethical but come with full transparency and are delivered in a socially aware manner.  The firm has a multidisciplinary team of high-performance professionals to help them achieve this mission.

What motivated Alberto Rocabert y Compañía to join the network?

Partner and MGI Worldwide Key Contact Alberto Rocabert explains:


screenshot-2021-10-25-at-181506.png "Post-merger, the firm wants to remain dynamic and be in the strongest possible position moving forward, which is why it was an easy decision for us to join the MGI Worldwide network.

"Eager to benefit from collaboration opportunities with fellow members, Alberto Rocabert y Compañía already has a strong working relationship with several member firms across the region, particularly with some of our fellow Mexico-based firms, with we share business interests."

cancun-and-rocabert-snap-shots.png About the Latin America region

Our regional leadership has done an amazing job in bringing CPAAI firms onboard in Latin America. Globally, of the 30 firms that have begun or completed the process of joining, half are from the Latin America region. Well done MGI Latin America!

In Latin America almost 75% of former CPAAI members have begun or completed the move to MGI Worldwide network.

Are you considering joining our network?

Enhanced brand value and reputation, extensive marketing and communications support, global quality assurance, valuable connections and excellent networking opportunities – these are just a few of the benefits that membership to our global accounting network brings to our many existing firms.  If you are interested in benefitting too, click here to read more about how you can join and start benefitting instantly.

You can find out more about our new member at their website or on their firm profile page.

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