What is Smart Collaboration? Fellow at Harvard Law School and Best-selling Author, Dr Heidi Gardner reveals why this concept is becoming so essential

Speaking at the MGI Worldwide CPAAI 2021 Virtual Global Meeting, Dr Heidi Gardner, PhD, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession and Faculty Chair in the school’s executive programs, explains why organisations earn higher margins, inspire greater customer loyalty, produce more innovative work, and attract and retain the best talent when specialists engage in Smart Collaboration across boundaries.

During her interactive session Dr Heidi Gardner introduces the concept of Smart Collaboration, including its benefits (higher margins, greater client loyalty, talent retention) and common barriers (working together often seems messy, risky and expensive). 

Partners with keen desire to meet clients’ high expectations are particularly exposed to the challenge: how they can be ultimate advisor, and effectively capitalise on their collaborators’ expertise and strengths at the same time? 

The aim of the Smart Collaboration session is that participants leave the workshop with a new mindset that is open to collaboration, and with a set of actions they are committed to that helps them to collaborate.

Watch the recording of Dr Heidi Gardner's presentation

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About Dr Heidi Gardner

Heidi K. Gardner, PhD, is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession and Faculty Chair in the school’s executive programs. Previously she was a professor at Harvard Business School.

Dr. Gardner’s book Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos became a Washington Post bestseller. Named by Thinkers 50 as a Next Generation Business Guru, Dr. Gardner co-founded the research and advisory firm Gardner & Co. The company has just launched its first tech product, the Smart Collaboration Accelerator.

Dr. Gardner’s next book, Smarter Collaboration, will be published by Harvard Business Press in 2022. Altogether, she has authored (or co-authored) more than 80 books, chapters, case studies, and articles. Her research received the Academy of Management’s prize for Outstanding Practical Implications for Management, and has been selected three times for Harvard Business Review’s “best of” collections. Her research has been featured in major media outlets around the globe.

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