Global Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist Group

Our global reach offers those wishing to buy or sell businesses an unrivalled ability to access specialist expertise locally while being able to identify potential targets throughout the UK, Continental Europe, North America, Africa, South America and elsewhere.

A team of experts across the globe

Our team of corporate finance accountancy experts have, between them, many hundreds of hours of expertise advising businesses that are looking for new investment opportunities and helping business-owners to achieve a sale of what is often the culmination of a life’s work on the best terms possible.

With the increasing globalisation of business, it is now more important than ever for those looking for merger/acquisition opportunities to know that their advisers can offer a truly international reach.

International investors and growth-oriented companies in emerging markets are actively looking to invest in the “West”, resulting in significant levels of cross-border investment.  Our clients can be confident that we can help them access global capital and find synergies wherever they exist including the identification of areas of low-cost manufacturing or jurisdictions that are flush with liquidity or which are benefitting from short term currency strengths.

MGI Worldwide M&A MarketplaceAccess to a global market of buyers and sellers 

The fact that our team isn’t limited by national borders means we can help identify foreign buyers and sellers so that clients can take advantage of prevailing international market conditions and achieve the best outcome possible.  

Just because MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is an international network does not mean that we cannot focus on domestic markets.  Sometimes there can be compelling reasons to favour a domestic deal over a foreign one.  Domestic buyers are typically more familiar with targets in their own countries and will share a common culture that can sometimes make transactions run more smoothly.  On the other hand, despite an element of potentially increased risk associated with a foreign counter-party, we think it is important for clients to understand what international options may be available to them. 

Without doubt, by working with our clients to ensure that an appropriate level of due-diligence is undertaken, we can help to identify and minimise many of the risks inherent in an international deal so as to ensure a good “long-term fit” between acquirer and target. 

You can browse and respond to M&A opportunities in our dynamic MGI Worldwide M&A Marketplace. Our members regularly post new opportunities for you to see - this is a global opportunity!

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Frank Fazzari
Ontario, Canada

Amine Abderrahmen
Tunis, Tunisia

Susannah Adams
London, UK

Anuj Sharedalal
Ahmedabad, India

Stuart Hendler
Cape Town, South Africa

Rafael Faillace
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pierpaolo Vannucci
Lucca, Italy

Mark Brooks
Chelmsford, UK

Maarten van Hemsbergen
Dordrecht, Netherlands

Hani Sharestan
California, USA

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