The first stage is to understand the needs of our clients.  We take the time to get to know what our clients want and then provide advice about what we think can realistically be achieved.

Sometimes it is appropriate for us to work with our clients for months or even years, to get the business ready for sale, preparing it so that the best possible price can be achieved.

Vast experience

We have vast experience of business purchases and sales and are well placed to provide practical and up to date advice on business valuations. Our philosophy is based on honest dialogue with our clients. If we think that our clients’ expectations are unreasonable, we will always let them know. Our focus is always on getting the best deal possible.

Once targets for acquisition or sale have been identified, we advise on how any transaction can best be structured from a commercial perspective but also taking into account tax-planning considerations.

Hands-on approach throughout every stage

We have considerable expertise in undertaking due-diligence and can provide as much or as little support in this area as required.  We understand that the due-diligence process differs significantly in the US compared with that in Europe and work with clients to minimise the chances of there being any misunderstandings arising from differences in business practice between jurisdictions.

Our hands-on approach means we continue to support our clients throughout every stage in the investment process.