The increasing complexity of the sustainability landscape has brought about a shift in mindset, especially fuelled by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Join Richard Collins, CEO of CSR-Accreditation, for this presentation exploring environmental and social responsibility, which have become paramount concerns for individuals and organisations alike.

As we reflect on our sense of purpose and values, it becomes crucial to understand the various dimensions of sustainability and how they impact our lives. We will explore the various anacronyms, initialisations and jargon and try to make sense of this rapidly evolving space. From SDG to ESG, Net zero to CSRD we hope to provide clarity and a clear vision of what lies ahead.

Planning social responsibility as a business strategy

This presentation shows that planning social responsibility as a business strategy involves identifying stakeholders, building capacity, and making sustainability everyone's responsibility—from the bottom up and top down. Embracing environmental and social responsibility is not just a choice but a necessity for future-proofing your business. As sustainability transitions from voluntary to mandatory, taking proactive steps now ensures that your organisation remains ahead of the curve. CSR Accreditation provides a framework and the guidance needed to navigate this complex landscape, offering a roadmap for success in building a better world for future generations.