Is Global Mobility of interest to you and your clients? Find out more by visiting the NEW MGI Worldwide CPAAI Global Mobility Specialist group microsite

2nd February 2021

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Global Mobility Specialist group microsite. The group brings together members from the former MGI Worldwide Employment Services group and the CPAAI Global Mobility Group.

Since the first meeting, back in May last year, a core group of members have continued to work together to develop these new webpages and to set out a plan for providing employment service support to members and their clients.

You can find the new pages HERE.

The group is led by Zafer Celik (Budliger Treuhand AG, Switzerland), Lance Middleton (Ensors, UK), Michael Grüne (Menold Bezler, Germany) and Bart van Gool (Wesselman, Netherlands) with support from members across the world.

If you would like to know more about the group and how you can get involved, please contact Nicki Lynn at

Reliable expertise for international workforce management

In today’s global marketplace, more and more businesses are seconding or relocating staff internationally. The benefits of having experienced team members in key overseas locations are undeniable. However, dealing effectively and efficiently with the often complex taxation and social security issues can be a challenge. 

With extensive knowledge and experience, our cross border taxation service can provide authoritative advice and support, ensuring you’re compliant with all relevant local and international legislation. They can also help with tax planning to minimise your liabilities.

Read more about our Global team of specialists here:

  Zafer Celik
Zurich, Switzerland
Lance Middleton
Ipswich, United Kingdom
Michael Grüne
Stuttgart, Germany
Bart van Gool
Helmond, The Netherlands

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is a top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with almost 10,000 independent auditors, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in over 100 countries around the world.

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