Celebrating MGI Worldwide’s exceptional female talent with the launch of our new group ‘Women Who Lead’

27th January 2022

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We’re delighted to introduce our new group, 'Women Who Lead’ to shine a light on the exceptional women leaders throughout our member firms and across the MGI Worldwide network.

Women Who Lead

Lead - Inspire - Succeed

While women are well-represented across the accounting sector, there is still a gap at the leadership end. By celebrating the successes and talent of our female leaders, we hope to inspire positive change throughout our network and in the profession. We will ‘lead by example’ and explore opportunities to encourage and support the next generation of women and the future leaders of accounting. 

Insights into the representation of women within the accounting industry

“Women Who Lead’ is represented by strong women from all regions around the world who are keen to get involved in this important topic. We recently held our first meeting where partners from the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa, North America and Latin America shared their experiences as a female leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry: 

“We’re a four-partner firm and I’m the first and only female partner. Our graduate intake at trainee level is about 50/50 though, so I feel that we are doing well, although it would be great to have another female join me at partner level.”

Jane Lowden, F.W. Smith, Riches & Co. UK

“Our partners are appointed solely on their ability, half of our partners are women, so whether you are male, or female isn’t the issue at Revideco in Sweden. It’s interesting to see the difference in international organisations, although I can see a shift as there seem to be more women joining the industry and leadership internationally.”

Caisa Westin, Revideco, Sweden

“When I joined MGI Worldwide’s International Committee I was 29 years old, Asian and a woman and I remember thinking that no one was interested in what I had to say, but I realised that everybody has a voice and an opinion and if you are saying something with conviction, and it makes sense, then others will respect you for it.”

Pallavi Gupta, Dinodia Consulting, India

“I’m the only female partner within our practice. One of the issues that women face is that they perceive accounting as a male dominated industry. Women also struggle to find the balance between work and personal life, so we are interested in showing them that it can be done, and how.”

Susan van der Valk, MGI Bass Gordon, South Africa

“Over the years I’ve taken many employees under my wing. There have been some really special females in that bunch. Sometimes these females have a lot of pressure from their own families. Not only are we dealing with the males in the profession, but we are also dealing with the spouses and significant others of those females. A lot of the time external pressures are the problem and the fact there are two wage earners in the family. It’s not just the males in the workplace.”

Sharon Gregor, Selden Fox, USA,

“When I started my career almost 30 years ago, finding women in leadership positions was very rare. There is still a lot to improve, but this initiative at MGI motivates us to continue to do a great job and contribute to an important legacy in our organisation.”

Karin Monchak, MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes S.S., Brazil

Empowering women within the accountancy leadership space

We’re only a few months away from celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8!  It is the perfect time to shine a light on female empowerment and discuss the many ways in which we can offer mentorship and guidance. Now it’s more important than ever to encourage and support new talent from the next generation of future accounting leaders. Our intention is to communicate how accessible the accounting industry is and the wealth of opportunities it presents for women. 

MGI Worldwide is keen to celebrate the achievements of our female business leaders within the group.

If you have news to share, we would love to hear it.

Please contact Maxine Brock, International Marketing Director, for further details at

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