Latest Global VAT Specialist Group Newsletter looks at recent changes to VAT rates for energy, fuel and e-commerce

5th May 2022

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Members of the MGI Worldwide Global VAT Group set out some of the recent changes to VAT rates for energy, fuel and e-commerce.

Governments across Europe are reacting to the increasing costs of energy and fuel by making changes to VAT and excise duties. Members of the MGI Worldwide Global VAT Specialist Group share these changes in the current VAT Newsletter:

  • Denmark: Clarification of the excise duty rules in terms of e-commerce
  • Italy: Changes to VAT rates and excises due to rising prices of energy and fuel
  • Netherlands: Changes to VAT rates and excises due to rising prices of energy and fuel
  • Poland: VAT rates on certain types of goods temporarily reduced

View the full Global VAT Specialist Newsletter HERE.

For more information about these changes or VAT in general, please contact the relevant VAT Specialist at VAT Specialist Group.

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