Female leaders across MGI North America enjoy inspiring discussions during first in-person ‘Women Who Lead’ Breakfast

Our recently launched ‘Women Who Lead’ Group shared their first in-person meeting recently when they enjoyed an insightful breakfast meeting during our North America Region Conference in Austin, Texas, on Friday, 20 May.

Aimed at shining a light on the exceptional women leaders throughout our member firms and across the MGI North America and Worldwide network, the group brings together women who aim to lead, inspire, and succeed within the industry.

By sharing inspirational stories and highlighting not only the success of our women leaders, but also their journeys and challenges along the way, we aim to inspire positive change throughout our profession, network, and in our member firms.

View the video highlights from the meeting here:

MGI Worldwide is proud to celebrate the achievements of our female Business Leaders

MGI Worldwide invited all women to attend our first in-person gathering of the ‘Women Who Lead’ group to meet and network with fellow women leaders, learn more about the goals and intent behind the group and to participate in leading positive change within our industry, network, and our member firms.

Thank you to our North America members who attended, for sharing their views and helping to shed light on the important issues affecting females within the profession:

Rosemary Rehner, CPA, CEPA – Director – Barnes Wendling – Cleveland, Ohio
Laurie A. Gatten, CPA, CFE, CEPA – Director - Barnes Wendling – Cleveland, Ohio
Janine M. Iacobelli, CPA, CEPA – Director - Barnes Wendling – Cleveland, Ohio
Caulinda Bartok, CPA, CA – Partner – Bartok Group – Vancouver, Canada
Elida Seretti-Pierson – Senior Tax Manager – Fitzgerald & Co. CPAs, PC – Vienna, Virginia
Vanessa B. Solá, CPA – Partner – Frierson, Solá, Simonton & Kutac PLLC – Houston, Texas
Patricia Bell Harik, CPA, MST – Managing Partner - Harik Thompson CPAs – Torrance, California
Lisa Hayward-England, CPA – Co-Managing Shareholder - Hellam Varon – Bellevue, Washington
Carisa Ferrer, CPA – Managing Partner – KKB – Woodland Hills, California
Cynthia D. Schoelen, CPA, CFE – Partner - Onisko & Scholz – Long Beach, California
Michelle Koscec, CPA, CA – Partner – Rosenswig McRae Thorp e LLP – Toronto, Canada
Sharon J. Gregor, CPA – Executive Vice President & Shareholder – Selden Fox – Oak Brook, Illinois
Kharizza Lillian, CPA – Tax Supervisor - H2R CPA – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Maxine Brock – MGI Worldwide
Nancy Damato – MGI North America
Shirley ChenSafeSend – Product Enthusiast – Ann Arbor, Michigan

women-who-lead_montage.png ‘Women Who Lead’ Monthly meetings


We have already received a great response and seen strong participation in our monthly calls with many female Partners and leaders from all over the world sharing their experiences and inspiring call participants.

Are you a woman who is keen to get involved in this important topic?

MGI Worldwide is keen to celebrate the achievements of our female business leaders within the group and among the accounting profession. All women are welcome to participate and contribute, or simply come along and be inspired by other female leaders!

It’s more important than ever to empower women within the accountancy leadership space and ensure that new talent from the younger generation understands how accessible the accounting industry is the opportunities it presents for career progression as a female.

Please contact MGI North America Marketing Director, Nancy Damato at [email protected] or Chief Marketing Officer for MGI Worldwide, Maxine Brock at [email protected].

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