Peggy Brady, Partner at Selden Fox, USA, inspires others sharing her experience, advice and ‘Words of Wisdom’

Keeping a positive attitude at work, defining goals, and embracing change, are some of the golden rules shared by Peggy Brady, Partner at Chicago-based Selden Fox, in her ‘Words of Wisdom’ aimed at inspiring other women leaders across the MGI Worldwide accounting network.


Hello, I’m Peggy

I have found public accounting to be a very rewarding career, that can take any shape you desire as long as you make an effort to make it work, are able to give and take, and find the right people who inspire you and believe in you.

I currently lead the quality control department at Selden Fox, Ltd. which oversees the policies and procedures for our audit department. I worked for several years within the audit profession in both regional and national firms. However, I felt the need to take control over my work schedule and wanted to work in areas where I could utilise my technical talents and have a more direct impact in training staff, so made the move to Selden Fox.

After the retirement of my co-worker and the addition of two more colleagues, our department has grown. I specialise in assisting teams with technical issues, adopting new accounting and auditing standards, ensuring our engagements meet professional standards, and working directly with new hires and experienced staff, and the training of our professionals.

I feel really good about my career, my capabilities, and adding value to my teams at work. Finding balance has been important to me and making time for my family and enjoying the moment, while also feeling good about my accomplishments at work. My peers and relationships I’ve made along the way are what keeps me going every day.


My most valuable piece of advice for you…

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Set goals so you have something to strive for and to keep you moving forward. And embrace change and be the change in your firm. Change can be exciting and motivating if you don’t let it frustrate you.

The best advice I received…

Nothing is forever. While some situations or projects may not be desirable it will only be short-lived. Some projects may lead to better things in the end, it may teach you an important lesson to take forward, or it may just help you determine what you don’t enjoy. Be open minded and look for opportunities.

And, what NOT to do!

Don’t stop believing in yourself. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop asking questions. We are always growing and discovering new things. That is what keeps this exciting and if one cares enough, there is nothing you can’t do. The grass is not greener on the other side. You just need to care for your grass and even a patch of brown grass can rebound.

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By celebrating the successes and talent of our female leaders, we hope to inspire positive change throughout the MGI Worldwide network and in the accounting profession. Did you find these Words of Wisdom useful? Please tell us!

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