Global Forensic Accountancy Group

Our Global reach offers instructing lawyers a choice of experienced international accountancy expert witnesses situated in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and elsewhere. 

Our forensic accountancy experts offer:

  • Initial free consultations at which the potential role of the expert can be discussed
  • The ability to provide a very quick response and a willingness to meet tight deadlines
  • The application of lateral thinking to a problem which can open avenues of legal argument which may not previously have been considered
  • The services of a calm, unbiased and credible professional with experience in court, who is well able to put forward a convincing case in a clear and articulate manner.

Truly Global Forensic Accounting

Our approach is to seek to become involved in litigation at as early a stage as possible so that the solicitor and accountant can work together to build a strong case capable of withstanding attack from hostile experts employed by the opposing side.

We consider that enormous benefits can result from a close working relationship between the expert and the instructing lawyer, each of whom can gain from the other a different and important perspective on the case in question.

We are careful to avoid becoming merely ‘expert experts’ and each member of the litigation support team has the benefit of continuing day-to-day experience in at least one other area of accountancy.  This means that we can bring practical knowledge to forensic instructions in relation to all accountancy disciplines including taxation, corporate finance and insolvency.

Specialist expertise in various areas of accountancy

The availability of specialist expertise in the various areas of accountancy means that the litigation support team is able to provide an expert who not only has the necessary detailed relevant knowledge but also an understanding of the legal process.  This means that evidence can be presented at trial, either by way of written report or under cross-examination, which is objective in nature and plausible in delivery.

Evidence of our global forensic accountancy work

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Roger Isaacs, London, UK, David Enser, Chelmsford, UK, Hana Daenhardtová and Pavlína Beránková, Prague, Czech Republic, Kim Onisko, California, USA, Peter Daniel, London, UK, John Mangini, California, United States, Simon Denton, UK.

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