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Cross Border Divorces

MGI Global Forensic Accounting Divorce imageThe international reach of our Forensic Accountancy Group makes it ideally placed to offer litigation support services to matrimonial lawyers acting for clients whose financial affairs span several jurisdictions.

Our expert witnesses have considerable experience in advising on all financial aspects of divorce including:

  • Complex international tax issues
  • Asset tracing
  • Valuations of family businesses
  • Setting up, administering and dismantling trusts
  • Pre and post-nuptial financial disclosure
  • Collaborative Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures
  • Alimony/Maintenance disputes Income Determination
  • Lifestyle/Marital Spending Analysis
  • Marital Balance Sheet Construction
  • Analysis of Corporate Benefits
  • Assisting in Deposition and Trial Preparation

A flexible and cost-effective approach

Having to instruct different experts in different jurisdictions can become disproportionately costly even for relatively wealthy clients.  

For that reason, our organisation has developed an approach that facilitates the instruction of a single expert (or single joint expert) in the jurisdiction in which the financial claim has been made.  This “Lead” expert, then works with other MGI Worldwide members in other jurisdictions who assist with the collation of financial information and who advise on local financial, tax or accounting issues. 

The Lead expert then prepares a report, which although reliant on the information and local knowledge of our members in other countries who have assisted in its preparation, expresses opinions that are exclusively those of the Lead expert.  This avoids the cost of having to import foreign expert witnesses for the purposes of cross-examining them.

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Roger Isaacs, London, UK, David Enser, Chelmsford, UK, Hana Daenhardtová and Pavlína Beránková, Prague, Czech Republic, Stewart Appelrouth, Florida, United States, John Mangini, California, United States, Simon Denton, UK.

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