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International Arbitration

ArbitrationAs the volume and complexity of international disputes has increased over recent years, so has the demand for International Arbitration.  Most arbitrated cases are, in essence, disputes about money which is why it is perhaps not surprising that forensic accountants are a common feature of the arbitral landscape.

International Commercial Disputes

Our experts across the globe can assist with all financial and accountancy aspects of international commercial disputes including:

  • The assessment of loss of profits
  • Quantification of economic damages and
  • Commercial valuations

Expert Accountancy Testimony

Our organisation's litigation support team is available to provide expert accountancy testimony in proceedings governed by the rules of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the London Court of International Arbitration or the International Chamber of Commerce.  Our forensic accountancy team accepts instructions as: 

  • party appointed expert adviser; or
  • party appointed expert adviser and expert witness; or
  • jointly appointed expert witness; or
  • tribunal appointed expert witness

Specialist Industry Expertise

Specific details of the industry expertise of each team member are available upon request but between them they have acted in cases involving:

  • Commercial agencies
  • Supply contracts
  • Distribution and license agreements
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Joint ventures
  • Breach of Warranty/Breach of contract claims
  • Insolvency related disputes
  • Government/state-owned agencies

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Roger Isaacs, London, UK, David Enser, Chelmsford, UK, Hana Daenhardtová and Pavlína Beránková, Prague, Czech Republic, Stewart Appelrouth, Florida, United States, John Mangini, California, United States, Simon Denton, UK.

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