Join David Benaim, our resident tech guru, to learn more about Power Query and macros, and how they can help you and your firm with automating data.

Excel’s game changing tool can run processes which Excel has never been able to. The same Power Query program now exists inside of Excel for Windows, Mac and Power BI, so learning it can accelerate your performance on the other platforms. Power Query can create a refreshable table from other data (which can be updated at the source), so the messiest exports from a system can become optimised for PivotTables SUMIFS, charts and more.

Power Query can also combine data from multiple files into one table, join tables in way that far surpasses VLOOKUP, split and merge columns to name just a few capabilities but overall they can reduce the number of formulas in a workbook substantially in a much less risky code-free way. Macros is another automation tool to be used in certain instances, we will cover the process and some common use cases.

About David Benaim ACA MVP

David Benaim MVP is corporate trainer & founder of Xlconsulting. David began his career as a chartered accounting training contract at Deloitte London and now runs a data analytics & training firm Xlconsulting in Cambodia which has trained over 1500 people and consulted over 100 clients in six years. He has a YouTube channel with over 100 tech tutorial videos, some featured on the Microsoft Creators YouTube Channel and in Feb 2020, he was granted the prestigious Microsoft MVP award.