11 Mar 2021

Confident it will help improve and grow the firm, Panama-based CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados, become next LATAM firm to join MGI Worldwide from CPAAI.

CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados moves membership from CPAAI to MGI Worldwide accounting association

Activity in the Latin America region is gathering pace, with more firms beginning the transition from the CPAAI Association to the MGI Worldwide network, following our merger last year.

CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados becomes the next Firm to join its Latin America colleagues, Ramírez, Saco y Asociados S. Civil de R.L, based in Peru, in making the move to our global accounting network.

We’re thrilled to welcome them!  

Introducing CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados

Located in Bethania, a district within Panama City, CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados has future ambitions to be the biggest audit firm in Panama. Its current client base is predominantly comprised of small to mid-sized businesses in the principle sectors of:

  • Traditional services - tax, audit and accounting

  • Strategic services – supporting businesses with full corporate services, finance requests, valuations, M&A, transfer pricing etc.

  • Corporate legal services – including international tax requirements

central-america-map.png The latter is of specific importance in Panama, being a location that attracts a great deal of foreign business from offshore companies.

Strong network participation

Andrea Pallas, Regional Director for MGI Worldwide CPAAI in the Latin America region, has complimented the firm as being one of the most active members in Latin America.

“CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados has already made contact with many of the region’s firms as well as several based in countries further afield including Appelrouth, Farah & Company, CPAs, Florida, and J&J CPA, LLC, Puerto Rica, in North America and MGI Audit et Gestion S.A., Monthey and Lausanne, in Switzerland who they successfully referred a client to.

“CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados is also looking forward to future conversations and collaboration opportunities with our Panamanian firm, MGI Montúfar & Asociados, who has been a member of MGI Worldwide since 2007.”

Milton Chambonett, Founding Partner at the firm, is already part of the MGI Worldwide CPAAI Global Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist Group and has expressed a keen interest in joining the Global Transfer Pricing Group.

What CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados had to say about the move

Milton revealed their motivation behind the move from the CPAAI Association to the MGI Worldwide Network.

“In a time of many changes, we must adapt to the new reality, where this integration into the MGI Worldwide Network will provide a platform for acquisitions and new business opportunities, opening a panorama of new experiences and opportunities both for us as a Firm and for our clients.”

Milton went on to explain how the firm’s goals are a perfect fit for a partnership with MGI Worldwide.

“Our Firm's objectives are highly aligned with those of the network. We are confident that membership will not only help us grow our firm and create opportunities for more international projection but will strengthen the name of the firm in the local Panama market, thanks to the strong international affiliation.”

Meet the team


Are you considering making the move to MGI Worldwide?

If you too would like benefit from the unique benefits of membership to MGI Worldwide, including personalised marketing support, quality assurance, technology, reputation, regional strength and much more, click here to read more about how you can join and start benefitting instantly.

To find out more about CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados, visit their member profile or their website.

The firms key trading partner countries for Panama are: Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, UK, France and United States. They are a trusted partner for international business and welcome members from any of our regions to get in touch.


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